Core French 7-3

Welcome back!

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Students have been getting used to numbers, months, days of the week, weather, school subject, timetables, telling time, places in the school.


We are beginning our first unit called "Mosaique" which will continue with everything we have learned thus far as well as learning styles, and personality. The end project for this unit will be a poster all about the student, which will be presented in class. However, there will be small quizzes between now and then which will test the students' reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills on these aforementioned ideas.


We are cluing up "Mosaique." There is a listening test on the verbs AIMER, JOUER, and FAIRE. For Jouer/faire notes, click HERE

For Aimer note: Click HERE


We are starting "Grand Voyage". For notes on modes of transportation, click HERE





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