Français 8-4

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For links to your course descriptors and the NLEScurriculum guide for this 

course, check below:'intermediaire_septembre_2012.pdf



Students did many in-class activities which

improved their use of the dictionary, bescherelle, some key

verbs (avoir vs. devoir, recevoir, etc).

Students reviewed and were tested on the present tense.

Notes can be found here, but we did many examples in class as



Students have been discussing «Équité».

Please see the notes

attached here for a review of this discussion.

Students are working on analyzing «textes explicatifs»

by using the analysis technique of STICIFR. Please click HERE

for our in-class model.


Students are doing an in-depth analysis of two future tenses:

 le futur proche, and le futur simple.

We will be reading, writing, speaking and listening in these

tenses. As well as the present.

For futur proche notes, click HERE

For futur simple notes, click HERE (to be added later)


Students are story-boarding the listening novel Zorro.


Students are busy working on their speeches. We will be

evaluating speeches in-class during the week of April 16-20. 

School-wide speak-offs will take place on April 26th.


 To improve vocab, here is a site with hundreds of games:

For adjective agreements look here:

For some great games on Present tense and other tenses with regular -er, -ir, -re verbs, go to:


Passé Composé Games to improve grammar:

Note: Do NOT advance until you successfully complete the previous games!



Passé Composé Games: Les verbes qui prennent être



Imparfait actvity: much like the one in class!



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